Fields of expertise and network

Kanzlei Schönfeldt is located in the heart of Ostholtein/Eastern Holsatia, close to the Danish boarder, between Hamburg and Kopenhagen.
We are active in our specialised fields in:

  • business law
  • contract law
  • corporate law
  • civil litigation
  • procedural law
  • arbitration
  • employment law
  • medical law
  • planning and building law
  • real-estate law, law of tenancy
  • competition law
  • law regulating damages
  • finance- and securities law
  • insurance law
  • business succession/M&A
  • compliance
  • inheritance law
  • family law
  • traffic law
  • insolvency law
  • public procurement law

Kanzlei Schönfeldt is active in businessrelated networks in the region which provides us with good relations and valuable insights in the northern German business climate, both in business life and federations as well as in politics. That makes us the natural partner for all cooperations, representations, legal issues and other challenges in northern Germany.

You want to expand to Germany or you need a representative in Germany?

Very often lawyers hinder businesses by showing all the risks in a way that company-leaders do not want to start or conduct a certain business any more. That is not how we understand our mandate. In fact we want to help a company to evaluate the legal risks from a business perspective to be able to start and conduct your business model. We are greatly interested in your business and in your business ideas. From our point of view, our mandate is to help your business to reach your goals with our expertise.

You don’t only have all legal advice by mandating us. With Rechtsanwalt Schönfeldt, you also have an entrepreneur at your side who has senior experience on both national and international level as project-leader and CEO as well as a network in federations and politics.

We also have a cooperation network with other consultancy companies, banks, tax and finance specialists.